Robotization of production

Market development increases pressure for costs reduction and increasing of production productivity in the long term. This all means using all modern technologies at our disposal.

We have long-term experiences from different industries and we are ready to help you with increasing your production by means of implementation by workplaces robotization and special machine tools.

We prefer projects, where we are actively involved soley from the creation of a task. In such cases we are as close as possible to a customer, who knows the actual technology process in his production and we are able to fill in proposals, which leads to improvement or we can propose change of process and technology. Usually we will prepare several proposals and then the customer can choose, which solution is the best for him.

Additionally we will suggest a solution, which has for the customer the highest added value and favourable return on investment.

We are mainly focusing on projects of industrial production automation as well as we have vast experiences directly with machining by means of a robot.